Family Law

The attorneys at Smith & Smith Law Firm know that issues relating to family law are encompassed in both a legal process as well as a difficult emotional experience for our clients.  These issues may include:

- Divorce, including Property Division and other Complex Community and Separate Property Disputes

- Child Custody and Visitation, including Modifications of Prior Orders

- Child Support, including Modifications of Prior Orders

- Third Party Child Custody Suits in Emergency Situations

- Grandparent Access and Visitation

- Paternity and Parental Rights, including Terminations

- Child Protective Services (CPS) Defense or Third Party Interventions

- Adoptions, including Private Adoptions and Adoptions through CPS

Our attorneys are well prepared to handle these and any aspect of family law disputes that may arise.

We also understand that even after the excitement of the courtroom dies down, individuals involved in family law disputes are still family.  It is our goal to provide our clients with exceptional representation while being conscious and respectful of the long-term relationships between family members.