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With the excitement of setting up a new company, business venture, partnership, or charity comes the requirement of setting up a corporate  structure to protect and insulate the founders from the threat of litigation.  Attorneys at Smith & Smith Law Firm are experienced and prepared to advise and set up all steps in this process including:

- Formation of Corporate Entities, including LLCs and series LLCs, PLLCs, Corporations, and partnerships

- Set up of Governing Documents and Structure Personalized to the needs of the corporate vehicle, including Member Managed or Manager Managed LLCs, Naming of Board Members, and allocation of Voting Rights, Distributions, and Financial Responsibility to all Members/Managers

- Audits of past elections and Meetings as compared to existing governing documents of the entity

- Representation of Board Members or General Members against the current Entity Board

- Defense of one or all Board Members involving litigation against the Entity or Individuals 

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