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The attorneys at Smith & Smith Law Firm know that a dispute that rises to the level of civil litigation can be emotionally exhausting and can consume the thoughts and schedules of our clients.  It is our goal to provide our clients peace of mind in these areas as we aggressively represent them in the litigation process.  Our firm has experience in civil litigation issues such as:

- Property Disputes, including Trespass to Try Title, Adverse Possession, and Property Owners' Associations (POA) or Condominium Associations disputes and governance

- Personal Injury

- Premises Liability

- Breaches of Contract or Warranty

- Collection of Debt and Sworn Accounts

- Deceptive Trade Practices Suits (DTPA)

- Deceptive Insurance Practices


Attorneys at Smith & Smith Law Firm are well-prepared to aggressively represent and advise our clients in these areas of civil litigation.  If you are experiencing a conflict in an area requiring civil litigation, feel free to contact our office for direction specific to your needs.